2015 Photo Recaps (#foodporn)

Here are some of my 2015 Cafe/Restaurant hopping food pics! I’m not good in taking pictures of food tho but some of them do look extremely amazing HAHA. Enjoy the pics~ If you do wanna know more about a particular cafe that I’ve been to, feel free to contact me!



With that, MerryChristmas Everybardy~!


2015 Photo Recaps (Army)

2015 has been an amazing year and now I’m even more excited for 2016. Uni life is about to begin! I can’t believe that I have survived 1+years being a NSF and that the journey is about to end in few more months. Honestly speaking, my NS life was made endurable and at times enjoyable due to my NSF friends and a handful of cool regulars + officers in camp. So thank you guys for everything that you had ever done for/with me and for all the tough moments that we had to go through. Also, thank you for accepting me for who I am :). I’m really blessed to have met you all :). Cheers to a peaceful and happy 2016!

Here are some of the memorable outings/moments that we had together in 2015:



Cheers ❤


Can’t wait for Demi to release her new album!!! “Confident” sounds so awesome!

“It’s time for me to take it
I’m the boss right now
Not gonna fake it
Not when you go down
Cause this is my game
And you better come to play”

What’s wrong with being confident?

Chain reaction

Every action performed in life creates another reaction which in turn produces a new counter action. You take a min to stop to help a random stranger pick up the items he accidentally dropped when his plastic bag tore, this leads you to arrive at the bus stop 1 min later than usual and therefore you miss your bus, causing you to wait for 15 mins for the next bus to arrive. The next bus is packed unlike the usual bus and therefore you have to stand instead of sitting on the bus. As the bus is packed, the bus is delayed at each bus stop due to the passengers trying their best to squeeze on the already packed bus. This causes your travelling time to be extended even more and therefore you are late as hell and cause your friends to be irritated at you.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, another version of you was feeling selfish that day and ignored the random stranger that dropped his items. The parallel version of you reached the bus stop in time, got onto the empty bus, travelled in peace and comfort and arrived on time to the destination that you were headed to. Your friends are happy and everyone had a great day.

So which scenario would you prefer? The former or the latter? The former gives you a sense of happiness as you did a good deed to help a person in need, but is it enough to over-ride all the other complications that occur because of that incident. The latter… well, technically you would be happy as everything is smooth-riding but will there be a feeling of guilt that you didn’t help a person in need? Perhaps it wouldn’t matter cause the person is afterall a stranger.

If you prefer the former, WHAT IF the delay caused you to miss meeting your soulmate in life (HAHA SO FARFETCHED, BUT IT MAY HAPPEN). What if your soulmate was on the bus that you missed and thanks to that pesky stranger you lose your chance to meet your soulmate? Meanwhile, your selfish parallel version gets to meet your soulmate, all because he/she chooses the ignore the person in need.

HAHAHAH idk why I’m being so random. Every little decision that we make lead to huge consequences, even if we aren’t aware of it. Sigh, I’m still thinking about what to wear for tonight’s party. I need more clothes. I need some Bugis Street shopping buddies. Anyone volunteer as tribute to pei the aunty vicky for shopping? hahahahaha.



Surfing the net to look for scholarships to apply for uni but I have no idea what to sign up for hahahahahaa. SIGHHHHHH T.T All the bonds are so scary and to be honest I don’t even think I can get through the first round of interview HAHAHA. Stress T.T Anyone with any recommendations for life sciences scholarships ? :3. Getting a scholarship for poly is like 10000000000x easier than getting one for uni T.T.

I wanna stay in a hostel when I’m in uni :3. I realize that the only way that I can accomplish that is to get a freaking scholarship hahahahaha. I mean… travelling to and fro from Pasir Ris to NUS everyday will kill me x.x Surviving 3 years of travelling from Pasir Ris to SP was enough already I swear hahaha. I mean I do enjoy taking the long train ride back with my easties and talking random crap with them (I think the reason why we are so bonded is due to the MRT rides so.. thank you SMRT HAHA). BUT STILL. TIME IS PRECIOUS T.T. Unless got someone living in the west that is kind enough to rent me a room for free *winkwink* *does seductive dance* HAHAH. I can do housework as payment *puppy eyes*. But then again there comes the issue with school fees. URGHH BEING AN ADULT SUCKS T.T MONEY ISSUES HERE AND THERE.

Ranting about this makes me feel connected to my wordpress again cause afterall it’s ” Rants of a student”. Sighpie Sighpie. Bless me pl0x.


Have you ever looked at a stranger and think to yourself: “Wow I wish I could be that perfect”. Meh, some people are just born gorgeous and they do not even have to put in any effort to look good. SO JELLY T.T.  I do realize that I didn’t update for months even though I keep promising to do my photo journal updates. HAHA oh well soon I guess. When will I find the motivation~~ procrastinate procrastinate procrastinate~

I’m 21. Did you guys know that? I’m officially an adult. Heh heh heh. I can’t see myself as an adult lol, I mean sure, I can act matured in certain situations but…. I’m naturally childish and bubbly hahahahaha. Would it be weird if I’m still childish when I turn 30 years old? I had so much fun during my birthday staycation/party, but all good things must come to an end. SIGHHHH. Didn’t workout and kept ordering food delivery during my staycation. SIGHHHHH SINFUL T.T.

Did you guys know Arkham Knight is out? It’s the final instalment for the Arkham Franchise and since I can’t afford the game…. I resorted to watching the gameplay on youtube. *drools* IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD. Speaking of which, I received 2 batman gifts for my birthday yayyyyyy so happy.

This week was quite an emotional one for me for many reasons (both good and bad) and I’m actually surprised at how well I handled things HAHA. *pats myself on the back* “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. #selfmotivationmuch.

Yes, I’m typing random crap to distract myself from other thoughts and also prevent myself from falling asleep. It’s one of the days whereby you feel tired as hell but you don’t really want to sleep yet. I’m sure it happens to everyone from time to time right? Or maybe it’s just me :3.

Did you know Ju-On4 is coming out soon? Sighpie, my childhood horror is back. I don’t even dare to look at the trailer for it. HAHAH sigh.

I gotta say, Jurassic World and Terminator were a disappointment to me luhhhh, I mean yeah they were good but… they were not that great. Maybe they should not try to revive old classics and leave them be. #nohate. I hate the seats at the new GV Tampines though. ALWAYS NECK PAIN AND ACHING I SWEAR. Sigh so much for quality award winning seats.

I want to try GV Gold Class one day and act atas. How much does it cost though :/. Anyway wanna do it together with me? Hehe!

I like hugging people when I’m stressed or happy. I guess that technically means that I like hugging people all the time. Strange huh. I just feel that when I’m stressed, hugging people allows me to “squeeze” out all my stress and when I’m happy, the hugs allow me to spread the joy HAHA.

My upperstudy going to ORD soon. SIGHHHHH I’m going to miss him T.T. I feel both capable and incapable of doing my job SIGH. I mean, there are things that rarely happen or never happen before and thus when they do happen, I feel so lost and blur and gong and clueless. I’m only good in the things that I do often. SIGHHHHH why so useless hahahahahaa and it’s not like I can use my scientific brain to help me :3.

That’s it for my random typing for now~ I promise to update properly soon….


Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes, presents, etc. Thanks for being a part of my life and I do hope that each and everyone of you know that I do cherish my friendship with all of you :). (ok maybe not everyone…. but yeah…) 

Random ~!

Siqi says she likes it when I go random style lol.  Probably cause she likes going random style too haha! I miss my poly mates sighz. Everyone schedule is so weird right now that it’s so hard to arrange for a meet up. Welcome to adult life huh. 2 more months till I turn 21. Sigh. Still haven’t booked my hotel yet cause there is this mental block lol. Spent quite a bit last week so now I’m like “oh my god if I book my hotel now I would have spent so much in a week”. Sigh! 

I’m still coughing lol. About 2 months le sia. Sigh.

If you’re wondering why am I not talking about tribute stuff, I  don’t deal well with death and I suck in expressing myself clearly with words so I’m sorry. Anyway I feel strongly that there isn’t a need to spam on social media about my feelings and sorrow regarding his passing. I don’t have to prove to anyone anything and I believe that we can all mourn in our own ways without the need of broadcasting about our sacrifices made. Lets face it, our sacrifices(be it queue timing, hunger in queue,etc) is nothing compared to what LKY had done for us. He didn’t go around broadcasting his sacrifices so why should we? So yeah, no offense to anyone. 

There were a few people that asked me for my wish list for my 21st lol. I do have a free things in mind but… I think it’s nicer if you decide on my gifts yourself. Man, gifts aren’t really that important. Just grace me with your presence and it would be appreciated haha.

The new yishun interchange is so inconvenient sigh…. It adds like 10 min to traveling time. Sighhh. Complain king HAHAHAHA.

Shall end right here for now. Tata~!


Glee has ended *sobs*. I don’t really get why people hate Glee lol, I mean I don’t really get the humor + their storyline is crazy + random but I enjoy their performances and music a lot :3. I mean that’s what the show is about right? lol o.o. Anywayyyyy here are some of the best songs (IMO) from each season :D.




Season 2

Season 3

Season4 (lol not my fav season)




If I lose myself tonight
It’ll be by your side
If I lose myself tonight
It’ll be you and I

I know there’s something in the wake of your smile.
I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yea.
You’ve built a love but that love falls apart.
Your little piece of heaven turns too dark.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Listen to your heart
There’s nothing else you can do.
I don’t know where you’re going
and I don’t know why,
but listen to your heart
before you tell him goodbye.

Aigooo~~!!! Been spamming 3 songs non-stop lately and I do realize if timed perfectly they would create a freaking good compatible mashup!! I think it’s obvious from the lyrics which 3 songs I had been spamming hahaha.  *patiently waits for someone to make a mashup*